Used Car Under 2000, 11 Tips For Buying a Used Car

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Used Car Under 2000 – If you plan to buy a car in a used parking lot, a car auction, or through someone, you are unlikely to get a completely honest answer to all your questions. So what can you do? Well, of course, don’t despair !! Let me give you some weapons that you can use against the car industry.

Get the Paint Meter

With one of these paint meters, you can detect original factory paint or ribbons. It will also show puddy bondo-body or metal being replaced. And very few car sellers will know what you have !! At the very least, the seller’s eyes will come out when you ask him why the car you’re interested in is painted. Whether by accident or just repainted to make it look good.

Used Car Under 2000

Remember that 99% of all salesmen don’t know what’s happening behind closed doors – or known as the end of the car business. They only have to sell cars for every penny they can squeeze from general buyers.

Why do I suggest you get a paint meter? Because repainting a car is a very productive practice in the automotive business. I can’t prove it, but if I have to guess how many cars are sold to the open market through dealers who have painted them, I think at least 40%. Every week, I personally see thousands of cars lined up in “paint shops” to be repainted. This “paint shop” is located in the auction area and is known as a reconnaissance facility.

Not all cars are completely repainted. Most bumpers are repainted. It makes sense if the bumper is repainted because, even though other car parts are flawless, the bumper is often badly scratched. The next time you visit a dealer, pay attention to how many bumpers are perfect – not scratches even though the car is three years old.

The problem comes with the dealer. Many retail traders have the courage to lie and claim that their car is genuine. And people believe it because the job is too good to be repainted. Do you know what the average price is for repainting the bumper paint? Only $ 200. Value perceived by the public and exploited by retail traders? Thousands of dollars.

Well, if you have a paint meter, you will know the truth. So, what is my policy about repainted vehicles? If the car is repainted properly and done professionally – the factory repainting process – then I have no problem buying a car. Professional paint jobs will make the car look like when the car slides off the assembly line.

The purpose of the paint meter is to give you more inside information than what Carfax revealed. Just because it doesn’t appear on Carfax does not mean that the car is free from negative history.

Determine Warranty Time

You must determine the correct warranty time and can do this by checking the side door of the drive and seeing when the car is produced. This will give a date like 5/11/99.

Say you are interested in buying a Nissan Maxima 2000 with only 22,000 miles on it and currently September 29, 2002. You ask the seller or neighbor that you bought a car from what the factory warranty is and he tells you 3 years or 36,000 miles. What many people fail to realize is this: the 2000 model is actually 3 years old !!!!

Don’t believe me Let’s count the years: 2000, 2001, 2002.

I see people making this mistake over and over again. And what’s worse, when you open the driver’s side door and is said to be produced on 5/11/99, the warranty will start in 3 months from that date !! So really, what you have is a guarantee that began in mid-1999 !!!

And then you need to check to see if the warranty even transfers to you at all. Some manufacturers allow up to three times the owner with a complete warranty and some do not. The best way to check is to contact the dealer and find out. You can also ask them to run a VIN check to tell you the guarantee status on the car.

Open the Oil Lid

This is good for everyone, but especially for those of you who are buying an old car. Open the oil cap and see the lid carefully. If there is mud (thick black goop) on the back of the oil cap, that means oil has never been replaced — or not often enough !! DO NOT buy the car !!

If there seems to be caramel syrup on the lid, that means anti-freezing is leaking into the engine. This is a terminal cancer into the machine, so DO NOT buy a car.

The problem with this tool is that most dealers know about this too, and know to clean the lid and change the oil so that everything “looks” fine.

Ask for a cold start

When it comes to seeing any car, ask that the car be turned on. This means that the engine has been idle for at least 12 hours, but is preferably 24 hours.

Why? When it starts to cool, many problems with the motor can be seen and heard. If you hear any sound that is “abnormal, such as a clink or friction noise, which is lost when the car heats up, DO NOT buy it without a thorough check by YOUR mechanic.

If you see a lot of blue smoke in the cold start, this means that the car is burning oil. If it emits white smoke, then there is anti-freezing on the machine. This is NOT a good sign !!

Check Engine Compression

You can check engine compression only by turning the engine temporarily in neutral and looking at the RPM. RPM with good compression cars will rise quickly and retreat quickly. If the car has difficulty increasing the RPM or when they rise and fall very slowly, the engine loses compression. DON’T buy it !!

Know the Value of Loans in a Car

Finding out what the loan value for the car you want from this year’s model to the 5-year-old model is important to know what a good wholesale price is. Call the bank to get the loan value. This helps you determine the price you want to pay.

You also need to get the appropriate mileage reduction. Mileage reduction is 12,000 per year. So, if the car is 5 years old, the reduction in mileage is 60K. If the car is 3 years old, the distance reduction is 36K.

Always try to buy a car with a corresponding reduction in mileage. Knowing what the value of the loan allows you to know carefully how much the dealer is paying for the car.

Ensure the Vehicle Body is Straight

Stand behind the vehicle and check that the rear wheel is aligned just behind the front wheel and that the body is tilted correctly. If the car looks rather off-center or even bent, it’s a sure sign that the car has an accident and the frame is bent.

Check Water Damage and Floods

According to the American Automobile Association, there are thousands of used cars on the market that have been victims of floods and other types of water damage. So:

* Check dry mud in crevices and crevices under the hood or behind the trim panel in the car

* Note the presence of a damp or musty odor in the vehicle

* Look for newly replaced carpets or linings.

These are all instructions for water damage.

See Under the Vehicle

Check for any liquid that might leak onto the sidewalk. If you see a small puddle or damp point of oil, water, or other liquid, the car may have expensive mechanical problems to repair.

Check the Odometer

“Normal allocation” is 12,000 to 15,000 miles per year. If the car has unusually high mileage for its age, you might want to consider other vehicles.

If the car has a very low mileage, you might have reason to be suspicious. Odometer damage is a widespread and difficult to prove crime.

Have Your Mechanic Check the Vehicle BEFORE you buy it

Your mechanic will be able to tell you what repair work the car needs now and what repair work might be needed in the future. Having your mechanic inspect the car before you buy it is one of the best things you can do to make sure you don’t get a “lemon.” If the seller doesn’t allow your mechanics to see the car, you must be very suspicious.

By buying a used car you can save a lot of money. You might be able to buy a model full of all the bells and whistles that you can’t afford a new car. However, buying a used car can be a bet. You can breathe easier when following these tips.

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